Do you remember when you started all this? I remember the day, because we were in our apartment and you were sad about a boy and I told you, ”focus on your talent. Everything else will work itself out.” And it did. Well, now I’m here to tell you the opposite. Don’t focus on your work. Focus on your life. You’re young and beautiful,and you’re in love. You have a wedding to plan, you have an amazing man who loves you. Focus on that…on Julian.Everything else will work itself out.

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joylenz #girlsday on Sunset Blvd. #NotIceSkating 
I miss the Calamari Salad at Asia de Cuba  @lablancaswim and 

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insanely pretty though -


Bethany Joy Lenz & her dog Haas!

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Breakthrough Actor winner at Young Hollywood Awards 2014
Dylan O’Brien

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i’m going to save everyone

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